Simple Travel Agency Solution

Simple Travel Agency Solution

Qatar Work Visa Manpower-Processing

Need Qatar work visa manpower-processing?

You are in the right place. We offer Qatar work visa manpower processing in just 01 (one) day* ! And we guarantee you the lowest cost that you will ever find in the market.

We are recognized as an Overseas Recruiting and Manpower agency in Bangladesh. We have 12 years of experience in the field of Manpower processing.

Get Dhaka to Doha direct flight ticket at a low cost. We offer air ticket+manpower in a single package also.

Note: *marked services includes some additional costs.

Prices for Qatar Manpower Processing are as below:

Service Details Total Cost
Manpower Processing BDT 6,500/-
Manpower+Ticket BDT 51,500/-

Note: These rates are continuously changing. Please Contact Us directly to know the latest rate.

Requirements for Qatar manpower processing:

These are the things we will need to process your Qatar work visa:

  • Original Passport of Passenger
  • Visa Number or Online Copy
  • Fingerprint Must be Done in BMET
  • and a 03 Days Training Certificate from BMET (Only for New Passengers).

Please send us a message on WhatsApp and will reply back as early as possible.

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