Saudi ‘Amel Aydi’/’General Labor’ Visa Processing from Bangladesh

What is ‘Amel Aydi’?

The ‘Amel Aydi’ (عامل عادي) visa, commonly known as the ‘general/ordinary labor’ visa, facilitates employment across various professions in Saudi Arabia.

However, there are additional visa categories that enable Bangladeshi individuals to work in Saudi Arabia under a company, rather than under an individual sponsor.


Enjaz visa copy

Our Services Include:

  • Document Preparation: Assistance with required paperwork.
  • Medical Check-ups: Arrangements for mandatory medical examinations.
  • Visa Stamping: Facilitation of visa stamping procedures.
  • Flight Booking: Coordination of flight arrangements to Saudi Arabia.

How much it costs to process?

  • Visa+Manpower Cost: BDT 19,500/- Taka only.

How many days are needed for Saudi ‘Amel aydi’ visa processing?

The processing typically requires only 7-15 days after obtaining the medical ‘fit’ report.

What do we need to start processing?

  1. Saudi ‘Enjaj‘ Visa number and Iqama/ID number.
  2. Original passport with minimum 6 (six) month validity.
  3. 5 copies of ‘PP size’ photos with white backgrounds.
  4. A Police clearance certificate from your local police station.
  5. 3 days PDO training at district TTC.
  6. Fingerprints.



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