Kuwait Work-permit Visa Processing from Bangladesh

Efficient Visa Processing Service for Kuwait-bound Bangladeshi Workers. We offer visa processing in less than 30 days!

Kuwait Work Permit/Employment Visa Processing:

A work permit visa issued by Kuwait for Bangladeshi individuals needs to be processed through an authorized agency in Bangladesh. This involves visa stamping on the passport, manpower clearance, and several other essential procedures.

Kuwait Work Permit Visa Sample

Looking to work in Kuwait and need assistance with visa processing? Limpid Travels offers straightforward visa processing services tailored to Bangladeshi workers.

Choose Your Visa Type:

  • Commercial Sector Visa: For those employed in Kuwait’s commercial sector.
  • Domestic/House sector Visa: For workers employed under individual sponsors.

Our Services Include:

  • Document Preparation: Assistance with required paperwork.
  • Medical Check-ups: Arrangements for mandatory medical examinations.
  • Visa Stamping: Facilitation of visa stamping procedures.
  • Flight Booking: Coordination of flight arrangements to Kuwait.


Processing Requirements:

  • Passport with minimum 6-month validity.
  • Original visa copy.
  • Medically fit certificate.
  • Police clearance certificate from local Thana.
  • 3 Days training certificate.
  • Fingerprint at district BMET office.

Get Started Today:

Contact us for efficient and hassle-free visa processing service, ensuring a smooth journey to your new job in Kuwait.


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