Saudi ‘Amel Aydi’/’General Labor’ Visa Processing from Bangladesh

amel aydi visa processing

What is ‘Amel Aydi’? ‘Amel Aydi’ (عامل عادي)’ visa means ‘general/ordinary labor’ visas In English. This is a common visa to work in any profession in Saudi Arabia. We offer Saudi ‘Amel aydi’ visa processing in 15-45 days only! How much it costs for processing? This is a very low-cost visa processing service. Visa+Manpower Cost: […]

Manpower Supply

Bangladeshi Manpower Supply

About Bangladeshi Manpower Bangladeshi workers possess very good health and they can easily get familiar with the climatic conditions of Middle Eastern countries. A worker can work at least 08-10 hours a day without any problem or difficulties. If additional allowances are provided it can be maximized up to 12-14 hours a day. Bangladeshi workers […]

Standard Umrah Package

Umrah Package Offer

14 Days Umrah Package Package Price Starts from 1,10,000/- only. Package Includes: 15 days Umrah visa Return air ticket (Direct flight) 3 Star hotel in Makkha & Madina Local transport in Jeddha-Makkha-Madina 02 Covid-19 PCR test in Saudi Arabia Travel Insurance Package not Includes: Meals/any food PCR test fees in Bangladesh Any personal expenses Who […]

Qatar Work Visa Manpower-Processing

Qatar visa

Need Qatar work visa manpower-processing? You are in the right place. We offer Qatar work visa manpower processing in just 01 (one) day! And we guarantee you the lowest cost that you will ever find in the market. We are recognized as an Overseas Recruiting and Manpower agency in Bangladesh. We have 12 years of […]

Immigration Clearance Card (Manpower Processing)

manpower processing bangladesh

If you are going abroad with a work-permit visa, you must have your BMET immigration clearance card ready before arriving at the airport. Without this, you will not be allowed to travel even if you have a valid visa! The process of getting the “BMET immigration clearance card” -is called “Manpower processing” in Bangladesh. Only […]

Travel and Work Visa Processing

visa processing

Popular Visa Services Saudi House Labor Visa Amel Monjil Visa Saudi House Driver Visa Qatar Work Visa Who are we? Welcome to the official website of the ‘fast-track’ travel visa processing agency. We are a dedicated travel agency service provider in Bangladesh. We reside in Dhaka, Bangladesh where our Head Office is based. Our aim […]